02:45am - 05:15pm You Aren’t Crazy, You are Just Grieving

Amy Florian

Amy Florian

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When you've been widowed, it’s easy to feel like you’re going crazy. You feel like you aren’t “yourself”, you don’t understand what is happening to you, and many of those around you don’t either. To top it off, you make people uncomfortable, so you can’t be honest about what you’re going through and it can be very difficult to get adequate support.

Come for this interactive session. Learn from an expert in the field of grief, loss, and transition who has also been widowed. Find out about the grief process, especially the difference between what we’ve been taught and the reality of the experience. Learn how crazy “normal” can really be, and pick up some helpful images that might assist others in understanding. Look at what “healing” really means over time, and some steps that help you get there. Share your stories along the way.

No matter where you are in your grief process, come be affirmed, informed, and inspired.