WorkshopsWe are very proud to offer a fantastic selection of workshops designed to provide campers with some unique tools, and new perspectives, for the journey ahead. The workshops shown here apply only to our Tampa 2019 Camp weekend. Workshops for upcoming events will be posted approximately two to three months before the start of each Camp Widow® weekend. 

Camp Widow® workshops are planned using a track system. The four primary tracks plus our Self-care track are listed at the top of each column and color-coded in order to identify which workshops are suggested for each individual track. The track titles and the suggested workshop schedule for each track were created based on feedback from the thousands of men and women who have attended past Camp Widow weekends and the resilience research done at the Soaring Spirits Resilience Center at Schreiner University.

The schedule listed for each color-coded track are suggestions. You are not required to choose only one track, and you are welcome to create your own custom schedule that mixes and matches the offered workshop options throughout the weekend.

Here are the descriptions for each of our four main tracks:

Being Newly Widowed (widowed 1.5 years or less)
Our Newly Widowed workshop track has been designed for widowed men and women whose widowhood began within the past eighteen months. This track will focus on a combination of providing campers with tools and resources designed to help them manage the early days of widowhood as well as the chance to connect with other widowed people who are new to this life experience.

Widowed and Rebuilding (widowed 1.5-4 years)
The purpose of this track is to address the needs of those who are widowed more than eighteen months and less than five years. These middle widowhood years are a time of searching, rebuilding, and getting to know your new self within the widowed experience. This track will focus on providing data driven resources and tools that address the concepts of developing a new sense of self, creating and managing healthy boundaries and crafting a different life than the one we planned with our loved one.

Healing, Living and Still Widowed (5+ years widowed)
There are many common misconceptions about the length of time widowed people will need the support of their community. As widowed men and women continue the work of building new lives, their need for access to and connection with their widowed community evolves and the topics they need to discuss change. This track will provide data driven information designed for those whose widowhood may no longer be the largest part of their lives yet also informs the way they see the world and the challenges faced in the new life that they have created.

Navigating Trauma in Widowhood (widowed experience includes a traumatic death experience) This workshop track has been created to offer data driven resources and information for widowed people whose death experiences included a high level of trauma such as suicide death, murder, overdose or losses associated with addiction, a loss that included the deaths of multiple people or any other complicated death which may cause grief related PTSD. The orientation will include an introduction to relevant coping and healing tools as well as time with other people who struggle with the aftermath of traumatic loss and similar death experiences.

Our goal at Camp Widow® is to provide our campers with research-based tools and resources designed specifically for widowed men and women, offered within a safe communal space that facilitates connection, growth and healing.