WorkshopsWe are very proud to offer a fantastic selection of workshops designed to provide campers with some unique tools, and new perspectives, for the journey ahead. The workshops shown here apply only to our Toronto 2018 camp weekend. Workshops for upcoming events will be posted approximately two to three months before the start of each Camp Widow® weekend. We can’t wait to share these amazing presenters with you!

Choosing between our many amazing workshops may be a challenge! Our speakers work hard to offer presentations that will provide valuable information for personalities of all types, and also to campers at various distances from the loss of their loved one. Our volunteer presenters are amazing, and we are sure you are going to love them!

Here are a few tips to assist with creating your personalized Camp Widow® schedule.

  1. Each workshop is listed by title, and in the block of time in which it will be offered. To get a full description of any workshop click on the title and an expanded box will appear with the workshop description. Reading all of the descriptions on the workshop schedule is the first step in the workshop selection process.

  2. Be aware that you will not be able to attend every workshop that applies to you. Make the best choice you can based on the workshop description, and remember that some workshops are offered on both Friday and Saturday.

  3. Friday is our connection day. To facilitate the opportunity to connect with other people who have something particular in common with you (in addition to the fact that we are all widowed!) that we think might be important, we’ve planned a large number of Round Table Discussions.  Round tables are one hour group sessions designed to encourage conversation between campers, provide the opportunity to share ideas and stories in a smaller group setting, and offer numerous opportunities for meeting new people. In order to allow for as many round table discussions as possible, some time slots will overlap…forcing you to choose between two groups with whom you may identify. We’ve done our best to overlap as little as possible, and encourage you to attend the round table discussion to which you feel most drawn.

  4. Workshop selection is completed through our online registration tool. Approximately four weeks before camp begins, all registered campers will receive an email that includes a personalized schedule link that will allow them to select their workshops, and save their camp schedule. This schedule link will also allow you to make changes to your schedule should you change your mind about which workshops you’d like to attend. We encourage you to spend some time reading and deciding which workshops best meet your needs before filling out the workshop selection form.  No Camp Widow® workshop schedule is set in stone. You can change your workshop selections at any time, including onsite at camp.

  5. Sometimes the content of a workshop requires that we limit the number of participants who attend. If a workshop has a limited number of spaces available, the number of available slots will be noted on the workshop selection form. We add campers to these workshops on a first come, first served basis, and each person may be scheduled for only one limited availability workshop. Any campers who requested a limited space workshop after that workshop has been closed will be added to a wait list in the order their requests are received. If a space opens up in a limited availability workshop, the first person on the waiting list will be notified by email, and then subsequent openings will be opened to the waiting list in order of received request.

  6. Your questions are always welcome! Feel free to contact us if you’d like to request help deciding between one workshop and another!