10:15am - 11:30am Widowing & Dating

Kerry Phillips & Nancy and Fiedler

Kerry Phillips & Nancyann Fiedler

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When you got married, you thought dating was a thing of the past. But your fairytale ended prematurely and you now find yourself longing for companionship and/or another love story. The dating scene has changed quite a bit since you met your spouse years, if not decades ago. From “ghosting” to “FWB” to “submarining”, the dating game isn’t the same!

During this multifaceted workshop with Young Widowed & Dating’s Kerry Phillips and fellow widow Nancyann Fiedler, you’ll:

  • Examine if you’re “ready” to date
  • Learn tips for dealing with the judgment that comes with “moving forward”
  • Understand the differences between loneliness and readiness
  • Address self-worth, confidence and other perceived dating roadblocks
  • Understand the differences between companionship, intimacy, and “grief sex”
  • Get tips on avoiding scammers and liars—both online and in-person
  • Pinpoint what it is that you want vs. think you want in a partner
  • Discover the “right” time to introduce your child(ren)

Learn how to date in a safe and smart manner