10:15am - 11:30am Widowed Guilt: Applying Self-Compassion and Wise Vision through Expressive Arts

Claudia Gold

Claudia Gold

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Have you felt regret, guilt and/or shame about something you did or did not do for your partner when he or she was ill, dying, or after they died?  Do you feel uneasy telling anyone about it?

In this workshop, campers can relieve nagging regrets, shame or guilt from difficult, imperfect times on the caregiving and/or death and dying journey and put their guilt to rest. A gentle process using expressive arts including journaling and craft and collage materials honors your contributions as a partner, discerns useful learning from "teachable moment(s)" and unwinds compassion and forgiveness on multiple levels.  This unfolds in a safe and sacred space where there is no pressure to share and your privacy is respected. The workshop culminates with a creative activity to ground and embody your new understandings.

Optional:  Materials will be provided.  Feel free to bring any favorite colored pens, yarn (a few yards), or craft/collage material (such as little bells or object from nature).