11:45am - 01:00pm What the Grinch Taught Me About Love

Michele Neff Hernandez

Michele neff Hernandez

“HOW can I love another person as much as I loved my late spouse?” “Does being in a new relationship mean I am done being widowed?” “I am terrified of the idea of being widowed again, and that keeps me from even thinking about new love.” “Does having the desire to find someone to share my life with make me disloyal to my late spouse?”

This workshop is not about the nuts and bolts of getting out in the dating world again, this session is designed to help you explore the concept of adding new love to your life. Michele will share her personal journey through doubt and fear to the finding and embracing of another life time love. You will hear the stories of other widowed people who have taken the risk, and experienced the joys and challenges of loving again. Practical, honest, and not afraid to address the concept of “soulmates”….join Michele for a look at what the Grinch taught her (and can teach YOU) about love after loss.

**Look for a special guest appearance by our resident photographer, and Michele’s husband. He is willing to answer your questions about how he really feels about being married to a widowed person!