02:45pm - 04:00pm V.I.S.I.O.N: The Art of Positive Intent

Katrin Naumann

Katrin Naumann

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In V.I.S.I.O.N: The Art of Positive Intent, Energy Healer, Spiritual & Life Guide, Katrin Naumann, MFA, QGT, VH, E-RYT, facilitates an experience in which you will create a dynamic and potent visual expression of the future you wish to experience, a powerful tool to take home with you for inspiration and motivation in the coming months and even years. - Not your average ‘vision board’! - Our ability to change our current circumstances begins with envisioning new possibilities. We can only create something we can imagine.

This 3 Hour, interactive ‘playshop’ asks you to clarify your core beliefs, values and guiding principles, the foundation upon which your whole life is erected. We will begin to specifically visualize how your life will look and feel when you are living your "ultimate vision." We will shed light on where you are now, how that looks and feels, as well as acknowledging allies and personal strengths that will support your forward momentum. Finally we will clarify some ‘actionable steps’ that will propel you toward the goal of a Vibrant, Engaged, Joyful, Life!

This process is very powerful on many levels. It may surface core beliefs and patterning that have been limiting you individual for many years. It is only once you are aware, that you can begin to transform and transcend that which is outmoded in your life. As the consciousness changes so does the experience of life.

This intensive is ideal for those who are ready to visualize then embark on the next leg of their lifelong Journey of Unfoldment