02:45pm - 04:00pm The Trails of Healing

Paul Schlunt

Paul Schlunt

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Soon after becoming widowed, I found myself being kindly encouraged by friends to go hiking. They had known I enjoyed it at an earlier time in my life, and offered up ideas of what to try. What I thought was going to be times with friends, turned out to be hundreds of miles of hikes by myself. It became a microcosm of life: starting anew, experiencing new places, interesting characters along the way, and ending in total exhaustion, and wanting it only to end. But then, a few days later I’d be plotting another adventure.

Wanderlust is a common trait I’ve run into with those who are widowed. For some its road trips, and for others its international travel. Wisely done, we have an opportunity to find ourselves, or better, to appreciate the love within ourselves in these adventures. For me it isn’t just the wandering that healing, it is being immersed in nature. And for that, sometimes nature is just outside your door.

By sharing some of my near and far adventures, I hope to explain how all of this can be so healing; whether its planting potatoes in your garden, or hiking breathlessly over a windswept mountain pass. The healing comes in emotional, physical and spiritual ways.

Now, lace up your boots…