11:45am - 01:00pm The Slow Cooked Family: Let's Talk About Blending

Orlagh Gallagher

Orlagh Gallagher

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When your life is turned upside down by the sudden and unexpected death of a partner, finding a new road through life is terrifying and tiring. If you are left to be the sole parent for children that adds to the pressure as you traverse this new lonely environment. However there are a number of wonderful supports to be tapped into including, family, friends , a church network and indeed professional help. Alas if you are fortunate enough to find new love it appears that the support networks seem to thin out! (There is no shortage of advice just a lack of support!)

In this presentation Orlagh Gallagher an Irish mother who is making her way through her loss and learning to live to the full in her new love, will share honestly her lived life experience. She will describe how her emotional journey felt like moving from a very secure and safe scenic road onto a fast and furious highway. This deeply moving yet often hilarious glimpse into a remarried widows world will warm your heart gladden your soul and give you an enormous amount of food for thought.

Orlagh will address a range of challenges including:

Don’t cross the white line! How to navigate having a past but not letting it taint the future!

The monster under the bed!  How not to let a past loss build a crippling fear of losing again.

The Left Luggage Office. When we marry again in later life either through loss to death or loss to divorce we all bring”stuff” to the party. What can we do to help in this space?

Hope Vs Reality? Sometimes we don’t address the elephant in the room before we remarry. What do you when the elephant turns up at the kitchen table?

My Needs + Your needs + Their needs = A lot of needs!  Moving into a new family arrangement can be challenging to keep everyone happy. Is there an answer?

Blended Family or Slow Cooked Family?Often we refer to the new family setup as a blended family. Orlagh will offer the view that as blending suggests a quick answer perhaps slow cooking might be a better metaphor so what’s her recipe?

They’re brats but … They’re my brats!  The inside parent often has a different view (not always right!) to the outside parent is this an insurmountable problem?

Insider Trading?  The new spouse is at a disadvantage so how do we make the family a fair space for all?

New Normal Old Normal What’s Normal?In Ireland we often say there is no future in history so how do we move into new experiences and yet cherish and honour and love the past.

Join Orlagh on a relational road trip!