02:45pm - 04:00pm The Power of Words: Journaling through your Grief

Alexandria Romero

Alexandria Romero

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After the death of your spouse or partner, when your friends and family go back to their own lives…you may be standing amidst the devastating aftermath of losing your love wondering, where do I even go from here?  Yet, life continues, responsibilities continue, you may have to return to work or care for your children, each day pushing through the painful and regular reminders that life as you knew it no longer exists.  Tending to your grief process and allowing space for your feelings is a vital part of self-care while you make your way forward into an unchartered life.

Journaling is a powerful daily tool that will help you move through the heaviness, move through the ‘stuckness’, move through the anger, move through the sadness…you can move through your grief, as it moves through you and onto the pages of your journal.

During this workshop you will explore creative journaling prompts that you can integrate into your everyday life to help you journey through both your grieving, and your healing. These prompts will include: healing unfinished business with your late partner, developing awareness of what is present for you in mind, body, heart, and spirit, and exploring ways to love yourself through it all.

This workshop will help you develop a daily journaling practice, and it will help you develop a more intimate and compassionate relationship with yourself.