11:45am - 01:00pm The Grief of Loneliness; How to Overcome Loneliness After Losing the One You Love

Cindy Lang

Cindy Lang

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It’s been said that ‘lonely’ is not a powerful enough word to describe widowhood. Loneliness, isolation, social isolation...for many widowed people these are parts of the reality of widowed life. The powerful feeling of emptiness that follows the death of our spouse or partner can be one of the most painful experiences of our widowed life.

There is a deep silence that comes with losing the one you love.  It doesn’t matter if you are standing in the middle of a crowded room, you will still notice it.  It’s the quiet that comes when you don’t have that familiar voice whispering in your ear, ‘I love you’. It’s the missing of shared experiences; the marking of important days and anniversaries alone; and the absence of your person breathing soundly next to you as you go to sleep at night.

The desire to avoid that empty feeling and the aloneness of widowed life can lead us to make decisions that may not be in our best interest. Learning to be okay alone is not a skill that is often taught in our culture. Honestly examining our feelings around loneliness may not be easy, but that discussion can be life changing. So, let’s talk about loneliness. Action is the greatest answer to loneliness. Inspired, you will leave this workshop with a tool kit of insight, understanding, easy to implement strategies and with a few new friends a long the way.