11:45am - 01:00pm The Grief Practice: Supporting Grief Through Trauma-Sensitive Yoga & Mindfulness

Monique Minaham

Monique Minahan

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Yoga invites grief to take up space. To surge. To recede. To flow. To be.

Through the doorway of the body we approach grief with the utmost respect, as one would approach the ocean. It’s powerful. It can paralyze us. It can scare us.

And it can hold us.

This workshop will cover:

  • three techniques for arriving in the present moment
  • four anchoring practices that can be used on and off the mat to stay present when emotions or memories start to overwhelm us
  • five areas of the body where grief is commonly held and how to access them with yoga
  • how to locate where grief is being held in your unique body
  • understand whether you are using yoga as an escape or as a support
  • why trauma-informed yoga is helpful for grief
  • how yoga can facilitate deep healing

Each participant will receive a handout with take-aways that are easy to implement whether you have an existing practice or not.