11:45am - 01:00pm Standing In Your Story

Jeanette Koncikowski

Jeanette Koncikowski

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Do you have a complicated story? Had you already had your fill of trauma, drama, and loss before your partner died? Were you widowed in the midst of marital strife, addiction or mental health struggles? Have you since discovered the courage within you to own your story and rebuild your life from a place of authenticity?

In this session, participants will hear Jeanette's story of re-evaluating her life and relationships following the death of her husband in 2014. She'll share their story of love, marriage and separation, and returning to each other just before he suddenly died at age 36. Her presentation will touch on the lessons learned in navigating complex trauma and grief from the other losses they experienced together before his death, the impact chronic illness had on their relationship with each other and as parents, how the loss has helped her move from a place of secrecy and shame to one of honesty, vulnerability, and boundary-setting with friends, family and her current partner, who is himself a widower.

Participants will have a chance to privately evaluate their own "phoenix process." Tools will be shared to start mapping out a path for living more authentically and wholeheartedly.