10:15am - 11:30am Spark Your Spirit, Light Your Fire: Re-imagining Life After Loss

Tembi Locke

Tembi Locke

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What lies behind you and what lies before you are nothing compared to what lies within you.”

In widowhood, we can feel robbed of our vitality - wandering through new, unfamiliar terrain hungry for a life we can’t yet imagine. Having compassion for where we stand AND where we have been can bring beautiful growth and remarkable personal transformation. In time, we can re-connect to the gift of our lives. Eventually, we may be ready to honor that gift by consciously creating something beautiful from what remains.

At this workshop, we’ll focus on “sparking” new beginnings. I’ll share how the spark of my renewal began with the creation of the web series, The Kitchen Widow. We’ll discuss the power of using what is familiar to do something totally unfamiliar. We’ll celebrate sparking our spirits and igniting the fire within for beautiful lives that lie ahead.

  • Create a “vision board” and discover rituals to help spark your dream for the future
  • Discuss inducting supportive family/friends into your vision for a new life
  • Learn how to customize your “personal recipe” for daily renewal
  • Invite each other to honor the heroine/hero that lives within
  • Connect to your inner spark and learn how to stoke that flame post workshop
  • Leave lifted and empowered, emboldened to take your next steps

Bring: A notebook, compassionate, open hearts and the tiniest spark for re-imagining the life you have left to live. AND bring the title of one particularly inspiring song you love. We’re going to go deep and have some fun.