Soaring Spirits Launches You Are Not Alone Campaign

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 800,000 people are widowed each year  in the United States; and for this population, there is a constant  struggle to find support communities due to the isolation often  associated with acute grieving. When Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation  (SSLF) was founded in 2008, it was for the purpose of filling this need.  In keeping with its mission, SSLF announces the launch of a new  campaign, You Are Not Alone on June 23, International Widows Day. "We  chose International Widows Day to launch this new program for two  reasons; to bring awareness to the fact that widowhood happens to people  of all ages and circumstances in every country around the world and to  reassure the widowed community that there is hope," said Michele Neff  Hernandez, founder and executive director of SSLF.

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