11:45am - 01:00pm Rebooting a Life and Finding Joy (and sometimes you have to call out to your Higher Power)

Paul Schlunt

Paul Schlunt

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Describes the past four years as I dealt with the loss of my wife, as well as stepping forward into this new life of mine. I relate to the caterpillar that inches along in the depths of grief, just getting through each day; to building a cocoon or safe haven within which I safely healed and grew; to breaking out of the cocoon in what I call the “reboot”. Finding joy along the way, sometimes in the form of unique special moments that lifted my spirit. And realizing gratitude as the final shift towards peace, meaning and joyfulness.

It’s my intention for this workshop to offer guidance to the newly widowed, providing my experiences as an example of hope. And relating to the longer time widowed, both in shared experiences as well as providing some hidden opportunities to realize the blessings in this new life of ours.

Take a walk with me now as I share this path…