04:15pm - 05:30pm My Husband Is Not A Rainbow: A Comedic Presentation

Kelley Lynn

Kelley Lynn

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With grief, "the only way out is through", and for me, the only way through is with humor.

Stand-up comedian and writer Kelley Lynn will take you on a ridiculous ride through grief, using the best coping mechanism she knows - laughter. With an energetic style and witty sarcasm, Lynn's workshop will feature an interactive experience, that is tailor-made for this audience. Part stand-up comedy, part-therapy, and part-education, Kelley will combine personal stories, with a warm and scientifically proven explanation, of why laughter is healing for the soul.

In this presentation/workshop, Kelley covers topics well-known to the widowed world, such as: the "incredible disappearing act" from your friends and family, the ‘phone call” with AT&T and other service providers, the hilarious reactions from the non-widowed to a place called “Camp Widow”, and well-meaning but insensitive comments from the outside world; including the one that inspired the title for her original One-Act Play, and upcoming book: "My Husband Is Not a Rainbow." In addition, Kelley will leave you in stitches with her classic (and true) story of showing signs of “widow brain.” With her brutally honest delivery and warm persona, Lynn will leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and smiling. Sign up and laugh the grief away.