02:45am - 04:00pm Love After Loss

Gwyneth & Jeff Spaeder

Gwyneth & Jeff Spaeder

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Dating and re-marriage after being widowed can initially seem unimaginable, and even thinking about the possibility raises so many questions:

  • How do you know when you are ready?
  • How do you meet someone new?
  • How do you tell your friends? Your kids? Your in-laws???
  • Why would someone want to date a widow?
  • How do you navigate anniversaries? Holidays? Old family photos?
  • Can I love someone new and still honor the love who died?

This workshop will cover the myriad of questions that surround dating post loss, both from the perspective of a widow and from the man who married her!  Come hear their story of love, happiness and growth as they share the joys and the challenges of their life together. Questions and discussion will be encouraged!