11:45am - 01:00pm Living Life WITH the Death of Your Beloved


Tom Zuba

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I don’t believe we move on.  Not really.  Not if moving on means leaving our loved ones behind.  I  believe we can learn to move WITH the death of our beloved and create a full, joy-filled life.  It’s important to acknowledge and treasure the truth that we will always have a relationship with those we love that have died.  Always.  We get to decide if those relationships bring us peace and joy, or pain and sorrow.

Join me for an informative, uplifting, hope-filled workshop.  I will offer you tools to explore the relationship you currently have with your beloved ~ tools you can take home with you and use over and over again.  I will also guide you in creating a vision of what you want that relationship to look and feel like in the future.  You were not born to suffer.  You were born to be radiant.  You can shine brightly, full of color.  Again, or for the first time.  I can teach you how.