02:45pm - 04:00pm "Light, Meet Dark."

Gabe Easter

Gabe Easter

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Lymphoma Widower and former minister, rockstar father, and aspiring author Gabriel Easter takes you through his journey of grief and explores the darker, much less comfortable sides of grieving that would make your parents and your co-workers blush.

In this workshop, geared towards like-minded diagnoses of ADHD, we will attempt to create an outlet for your pent up dark side and find a healthy balance between that and the tears and sunsets and scriptures so often toted as the champions of grieving, but more than likely, we will be distracted by squirrels.

Gabe will open your mind up to another world of possibilities and coping mechanisms that have laid dormant and, while both unconventional and unproven, have helped himself and a great deal of others he’s come into contact with during his journey. His hope is to empower you to be the curator of your future, learn that it’s okay to have and move on some of these more frowned upon decisions, accept yourself for who you truly are, and to help you, also, make grief your play thing.