10:15am - 01:00pm Intensive (2.75 Hours): Journey To The Center Mandala As Healing Meditation

Katrin Nauman

Katrin Nauman

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Join Spiritual Guide and Energy Healer Katrin Naumann, MFA, RYT, QGT, VH on this journey of creative exploration through the art of Mandala. Mandala, means “circle”, a symbol of an unending rhythmic pattern of change, as well as the unified whole from which these eternal patterns emanate.  We, as complex beings, undergo myriad shifts and changes in our lifetimes. Though our outer circumstances may change drastically, as with the loss of a beloved, our core essence, the Self, remains the same.

Through the physical process of sacred object making, we will look deeply into our existence as creative beings, and how our individual and group creations manifest the Divine within us. The experience will include:

  • Meditation
  • Individual and Group Creative/Artistic Exploration
  • Sacred Object Making
  • Ritual Practice
  • Self-Reflection

We will shed light into the hidden, unexplored shadow side of our natures, and from those depths bring forth unique objects of beauty and harmony that reflect our inner Soul life, the greater Cosmos, and serve as pathways toward healing.