02:45pm - 05:30pm Intensive: Awakening the Warrior Within: a workshop on inner resilience (2.75 Hours)

Shawna Percy

Shawna Percy

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In ‘Awakening the Warrior Within’, we’ll focus on uncovering one’s inner warrior by building skills today that help redefine the past and foster empowerment to face the future. One of the ways we do that is by peering through the lens of analogy. According to the Oxford dictionary an analogy is a “comparison between one thing and another.” Some of the analogies we’ll explore are the feeling of being broken and the value of a stained-glass window. The fear of darkness, despair, depression, grief, and how there is a pattern throughout nature of new life being formed in the darkness. Unwelcome feelings and experiences, and some interesting facts about weeds. The many faces of grief and how they relate to a bowl of Korean soup.

Over the course of this resiliency workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Use everyday tools like analogies and mindfulness to notice patterns and foster depth of meaning
  • Look for learnings from their past experiences and reflect on how they can use those learnings to foster future hope
  • Examine how context changes the content of our strengths and perceived weaknesses
  • Awaken one’s inner warrior through an empowered approach