11:45am - 01:00pm Healing Through Nature and Travel

Brenda Sieglitz

Brenda Sieglitz

When Brenda Lee Sieglitz lost her husband of 1.5 years to a rare cancer, she felt like she couldn’t breathe.  One of the first things she did was escape to the outdoors and she hasn’t left since.  Sieglitz first used nature and traveling as an escape from the pain she was feeling, but as time went on it became a healing tool for her grief and one of her greatest passions in life.


This open discussion workshop will give you an opportunity to share about the places where you feel most free, your fears of exploring without your spouse and/or children and you may take home some tips on how to begin doing so on your own. Attendees to this workshop will gain this insight and knowledge:


  • Brenda will share her experiences from both her book, Ebb from the Shoreline, Finding Cancer and Courage, and after about how nature and travel helped get her through some of the difficult times in her life.
  • Suggestions of types of places for attendees to explore to find healing and how to return to the places you love.
  • Tips on how to travel safely on your own or with kids, and how to make sound travel decisions including pre-planning and budgeting
  • Question and Answer Session


You will leave with sample itineraries, contact information for various travel organizations where you can begin planning your next trip, and hopefully a better idea on how to create and execute vacationing and exploring on your own with confidence and excitement.