03:30pm - 04:40pm Grieving in Public


Leslie Streeter

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The minute our spouse or partner dies, we get a new and unwelcome public persona: The Widow or Widower You. And unless you retreat to a cave and never emerge, you're going to have to deal with the mostly well-meaning but often clueless attempts of friends, families, co-workers, fellow parishioners, folks at the gym or complete strangers to make sense of how your life just blew up. So how do you deal with it? Leslie Gray Streeter, a newspaper columnist and widow, walks you through the basics of grieving in public, maintaining your dignity and not slapping anyone, even if they deserve it. Topics covered include - "Yes, actually, I do mind if you ask;" a basic script for keeping it short and getting through the day; comebacks and responses for the not-so-well-meaning; Escape plans, and some good, old-fashioned role-playing. There might be tears, laughter and some good-natured cursing in this workshop.