2:45pm - 04:0pm From Sorrow to Social: New Life, New Friends

Myra McElhaney

Myra McElhaney

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Have you noticed that your couple-friends don’t include you anymore? Are you tired of sitting beside the empty chair when they do invite you? Are you wondering how to build a new, active social life now that you’re no longer half of a couple?

Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. In this interactive session you’ll learn from a social butterfly and avid networker how to find places you’ll fit in, create a sense of community and how to develop solid friendships.

Even a friendly and gregarious extrovert like this presenter had to develop new strategies for meeting people and fighting loneliness after her husband passed and most of their friends stopped calling. She’ll help you to:

  • Identify groups where you’ll fit in naturally
  • Show you how to prepare for mingling with strangers
  • Teach you to make small talk and ask questions with ease
  • Share body-language tips to help you become more approachable
  • Help you design a plan for creating a sizzling social life that fits your lifestyle