02:15am - 03:15pm Friends: What are They Thinking?

Roger Thompson

Roger Thompson

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One moment Roger Thompson was at a business meeting, and the next he was giving a eulogy in front of hundreds of people for his best friend, Tim. Roger and Tim had been best friends since childhood. Their lives were intertwined as business partners, mutual mentors, fathers of sons, and husbands to wives who became friends through loving Roger and Tim. Death changed the life of everyone who loved Tim, and also changed the way the interacted with each other.

Have you wondered what your friends are thinking sometimes? Were you a part of a foursome that is now a threesome? Do you wonder if previous couple friendships can withstand the winds of change created by grief and death? Are there friends of your partner or spouse’s with whom you’d like to stay connected as a way to keep the stories of your loved one alive?

We have a friend available who is willing to share his experience with you. Join Roger Thompson, author of My Best Friend’s Funeral, as he shares his journey through the grieving of his best friend, and his thoughts on being a friend to your best friend’s widow.