10:15am - 11:30am Grief and Job Hunting: Managing Tears and Fears to Create Success


Carole Laroque

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It was a bright, sunny Tuesday morning.  I was doing great, at least I thought I was.  I was showered, dressed, hair and make-up done, check!  A fresh resume printed in a folder, just ready to slide across the desk to a formidable but smiling hiring manager, check!  I was actually early.  Amazing!  They had found my resume online. THEY CALLED ME!  After months of submitting applications until 2 am, writing and re-writing my resume, racking my brain to remember what my skills and talents were, I finally had an actual interview.  This is it, this is the one. This is the day I start my new career.  Twenty-two minutes into the conversation, it happened.  He asked me the THE QUESTION, "So why now?  Why is now the time you have chosen to re-enter the work force?" That is when I cried on my interview. Oh no, not just the little tear escaping the corner of my eye, you know the one you can hide.  Nope, these were the full-fledged big old tears complete with sobs and snot.


And that was one of my better interviews!


Are you seeking to re-enter the work force?  Or is the job you had before your loss just not enough to meet your new, heavier financial responsibilities?  Are tears and fears keeping you from dipping your toe into the job-hunting pond or putting your best foot forward?  Are you worried that you don't have what it takes to obtain the right job, salary, career or financial security you want for your future? The future you know you are capable of and will work hard for, given the opportunity? 


Scary stuff.


You are not alone. We can help.


Join me today to explore what opportunities lay ahead for your work life. Let's figure out the next step, maybe the first step, into creating a career that fits your life and your goals.