10:15am - 11:30am Financial Workshop


Debra Morrison

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3 Massive Mistakes even Smart Widows/Widowers Make that Perpetuate Fear & Anxiety about Running Out of Money (& how to avoid them).

  • Rollover 401(k) Mistakes unnecessarily cost folks excess taxes and reduced lifetime income,
  • Order of Withdrawals-Selecting which accounts to draw down, or liquidate and in what order may be your single biggest decision; making the optimum choices will reduce the risk you’ll outlive your nest egg, especially given increased longevity.
  • Failure to Limit Risk as well as not Integrating Taxes, Savings & Insurance into a Well-Oiled Financial Plan causes undue anxiety because you have to save MORE, just to stay even.

Too many folks are unaware of the vast array of financial strategies that a seasoned Fee-Only CFP® like Debra recommends each and every year to both save money and more importantly, eliminate fear and money worries.