03:30pm - 04:30pm Financial Workshop

Debra Morrison

Debra Morrison

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My Partner Died; How to Best Tie Up Loose Ends--including but not limited to:

  • Tips to navigate your future with less income,
  • What bills/balances to pay off to avoid waste,
  • How to maximize your AFTER-TAX/spendable income,
  • Easy steps to budget/pay for your new/unexpected future….
  • Purging & Organizing files—what needs kept & for how long?
  • Updating your contingency plan for your family,
  • Amending or creating your bucket list,
  • Assessing which of your investments are poised to support your goal achievement.

This will be a hands-on workshop experience not only teaching you how to use the handouts, yet also informing you of little known yet costly pitfalls to avoid re: beneficiary designations & tax planning/filing.

If you can plan ahead and bring along either your investment or budget specifics you will walk away even more empowered to identify your next steps.

BONUS: ALL Workshop attendees will receive 5 Must-have checklists & worksheets to aid your organization & gain control over your finances!