Do I qualify as a widowed person?

Camp FactsRecognizing the depth and diversity of the widowed community, Soaring Spirits employs a very broad definition of the word “widow.”  Any widowed person is welcome to attend our Camp Widow® weekends: married, never married, planning to be married, divorced at the time of death, people of all sexes and genders, straight, LGBQT, religious, not religious, widowed folks with kids, and those without kids, complicated or conventional relationships…anyone who has outlived the person with whom they’d planned to spend the rest of their life fits into our definition of widowed.

No matter how long you’ve been widowed, or how you joined our ranks, you will find a community like no other when you step up to the registration desk at Camp Widow®. We work hard to offer you a variety of resources that apply to any stage of the evolving journey of widowhood.

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