02:15pm - 03:15pm Discovering the Healing Power of Food

Christine O'Rourke

Christine O'Rourke

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After experiencing the death of a spouse or partner, we are often so focused on dealing with all the challenges post-death that we commonly forget about our own self-care. Often we either don't eat at all or we end up eating comfort or convenience foods as cooking and sharing a meal, which may have been fun with a partner, now is an overwhelming or burdensome task. This workshop taught by Christine O'Rourke, MHSc, RHN will re-inspire you to discover the healing power of food for nourishing your body and soul. Following the death of her husband, birth of her first child and her own diagnosis with a chronic illness, Christine used her nutrition training and love of cooking to create delicious healthy food as part of her healing process. This has propelled her on a new journey supporting others that are grieving on how to positively use nutrition and food to support their own health.

This workshop will provide you the opportunity to learn:

  • How grief and stress can impact your body
  • How to use nutrition to effectively support your body when grieving
  • Foods to eat increase energy and vitality
  • How to avoid the sugar and caffeine trap
  • Strategies to make healthy cooking easier
  • Easy recipes to get you started on your healthy eating journey
  • And most importantly, some samples to enjoy!

Join Christine for a fun and interactive discussion that will inspire you to get back into the kitchen.