2:45pm-4:00pm Dating & Relationships After Loss: A New Frontier

Abigail Carter

Abigail Carter

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Have you been thinking about dating, but not sure if you’re ready or don’t know even where to begin? Or can you tell horror stories about the few dates you have had? Is all you want just to meet a great person and settle down again?

In this entertaining and informative workshop, author Abigail Carter will share her own experiences as a widow with over 10 years of post-loss dating experience (yup, she’s an expert!) and provide you with a variety of practical understanding when it comes to the world of dating.Dating after loss is wrought with pitfalls: How to drop the “I’m widowed” bomb; when to have the first kiss or first sleep over; how soon to involve the kids? This workshop will help you to sort through some of these dating pitfalls and help you:

  • Understand the stages of post-loss dating
  • Get over the guilt and emotion of dating again after your loss
  • Provide practical tips to getting out into the dating world for the first time.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of internet dating and noticing those “red flags"
  • Write a winning profile
  • Become skilled at sorting, screening and testing internet dates
  • Identify important safety tips (for your profile and when meeting an online date)
  • Envision the type of relationship you are looking for
  • Understand the role of sex in post-loss relationships
  • Sort out your level of comfort for firsts: kissing, sex, involving kids, co-habituating, marriage
  • Overcome feelings of rejection and the resulting renewed sense of loss and grief
  • Use your dating experiences to learn about yourself and your intimacy needs

Dating after loss is a huge, frightening step towards moving forward with your life, but one that can be filled with fun adventures, new friends and true love. It’s time to get over the fear and find the thrill of dating again.