02:45pm - 04:00pm Dancing Through Life - Move Your Body, Move Your Life


Jane Mapson

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We know we need to do it, physically move our bodies. Go for a run, walk, do yoga., etc.  To move is to be alive. Our heart pumps, lungs expand and contract, eardrums vibrate. Thoughts and emotion motivate (or immobilize) our bodies. The body requires movement. Still water stagnates; a moving river cleanses itself. A stagnant body becomes the home of depression and illness, imbalance. A moving body restores itself. Moving can awaken our senses, the mechanism of how we make “sense” of our world, our relationship to it, to people.  If we have been actively blocking sensory information to avoid feeling pain, we have also blocked the sensation of and capacity for joy. No matter what our physical state or fitness level is, movement is essential for health, for change, ability to “show up” for ourselves, family and friends, and for dancing through life.

So how do we move, how do we begin, or on those days when we are physically and emotionally depleted, how do we get motivated? How do we find time?  Hint: there is music involved, perhaps friends, and other effective tools and concepts. In this workshop (really a playshop), you will learn:

How easy, natural and fun (in case you have forgotten) moving your body, mind and spirit with music is, no matter your physical or fitness state.

Seven steps that get you moving, strengthening your mind/body/emotion connection, and how these steps apply to moving your life forward.

Movement energies that help you take charge of your life: creative expression of dance, precision and focus of martial arts, and functional awareness of healing arts.

To reconnect with sensing, how the body speaks to us.

Two powerful, yet easy- to- remember moving meditations to ease stress and tap into the ever- abundant energy of life surrounding us.

To witness and acknowledge emotion, noting the presence of joy that sits alongside grief and loss.

Please wear clothing that allows comfortable movement. EVERYbody welcome.