04:45pm - 06:00pm Crafting Your After: Widowed Life Five Years and Beyond

 Michele Neff Hernandez

Michele Neff Hernandez

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It’s been years. People sometimes look at you with an odd look when you identify yourself with widowhood. After all, it’s been years since your person died. It’s been years since your world was turned upside down. It’s been years. And yet, years are made up of months; months made up of weeks; and weeks are made up of days. Crafting your ‘after’ doesn’t follow any time frame, no matter how many years have passed.

In this workshop, Michele will explore the ways in which widowhood impacts her daily life, eleven years after the death of her handsome superman husband. We’ll discuss widowhood’s impact on new relationships, and on the way widowed people may now view the world. Jobs, hobbies, trips, new homes, amazing adventures…how are they all tied together with the ribbon of the widowed experience? What about guilt, fear of forgetting, the intense need to believe your loved one approves of your life, somehow, each of these will be viewed through the lens of widowed people crafting their 'after.'

Let’s talk, because for Michele, it’s been years.