10:15am -11:30am The Courageous, Empathetic Heart- using loss to create a positive influence at home and at work

Tom Hall

Tom Hall

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In this workshop we will explore how men and women process their grief and the importance of sharing our story and how sharing your story improves your influence and leadership connections. We will discuss and answer the following questions:


*Loss took something from you.  Can you take something back from loss?

*Loss and leadership – what is the connection?

*Leadership is not a title; it is the ability to influence. 

*Whom do you have influence over in your life today?

*How can humility come from loss and transform a leader?

*How can processing your grief alter your influence on those around you?

*What does sharing your loss with ATV (Authenticity, Transparency and Vulnerability) create?

*How do you find the courage to share your story and process your grief?

*What is the difference between men and women and how we share our grief?


Tom will share his personal journey through loss and how processing his grief, enabled him to parent his two daughters with empathy.  Tom will also share how grief ultimately changed his leadership style by becoming an empathetic leader.