What are some cost saving tips for making the camp experience more affordable?


1.) Share rooming costs with another camper through our roommate program. At your request, we will pair you with another camper to save costs by sharing a room. You will have a chance to be in touch with your roommate in advance of camp or you can sign up for camp with a friend and have a built in roommate.  This immediately cuts your housing cost in half, and the hotel will bill each person separately. 

2.) Get a discount on registration! We offer several discounts that will lower your camp registration fee:

  • Our group rate of $349 applies to: groups of four or more who sign up for camp together; all camp alumni; and to various groups associated with Soaring Spirits. You can apply your group discount to your registration during the checkout process when finalizing your registration payment. 
  • We also offer an International rate of $300 for any camper attending Camp Widow® in a country other than their home nation.
  • Register for any camp within two weeks of having just attended and our Early Bird discount of $99 will apply!

3.) Consider carpooling to save on both gas and parking costs. We have heard great stories from the many widowed road trips that have landed campers at any of our three locations! Choosing self parking over valet will save you around $10 per day at any of our locations.

4.) Pack some snacks and lunch options to house in your hotel room.  All rooms are equipped with refrigerators, and there are several less expensive “grab and go” options for quick meals at our host hotels or in the very near vicinity.

5.) Purchase any drink of your choice in advance, and store in your hotel room. This will ensure you have what you like to drink, as well as offer a lower price option for beverages than you may find in the hotel. 

6.) Ask for Camp Bucks as a gift for any special occasion from friends and family who may be choosing a gift for you. Camp Bucks can be purchased by anyone and gifted to you for use at the hotel (applied to your hotel bill directly) or as gift cards for the Soaring Spirits' store. This is a great way for the people who love you to support your camp experience! You will find information about purchasing Camp Bucks under the Support a Camper tab.

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