02:45pm - 04:00pm Bitter or Better? A Roadmap to Better

Caryn Sullivan

Caryn Sullivan

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Caryn Sullivan was 1500 miles from home when, days before Christmas 2009, she got “the call.”

Caryn’s blended family had already navigated autism, heart disease, cancer and a bone marrow transplant. Now the freaking widows club?

For months she struggled to understand why her husband had died in an emergency room (surrounded by strangers) when she’d survived her breast cancer battle.

Then she had a chance encounter with a priest. She posed the questions that plagued her and he offered a response so powerful she calls it her North Star.

Caryn will share how the priest framed her options with three words that set the course for her future. She will reveal the steps she’s taken to live her choice to be better and how others can make – and live – the same choice.