10:00am - 12:30pm Alumni: AMA: Ask Me Anything Camp Widow® Style

Marc Vera

Marc Vera

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You have questions, I have answers...well, some of them.  Welcome to Camp Widow's version of reddit's AMA (ask me anything). 

When it comes to being a few years out things become muddled and you're left questioning lots of things.  Well, now is the time to get those questions out there and answered.  Am I ready to date?  When will I know?  What do I tell my kids?  What happened to my BFF that I never hear from?  Should I talk to my in-laws, even though they don't talk to me?  Should I move out of my house? city? state?  Should I start a new career?  I can't travel alone, can I?  What will sex be like with someone else?  Do I even want to go there?  Should I get a puppy?

We'll hit on all of these questions... and more.  This is a time for you to pose questions and we'll work on answers together.  Fear not, you don't have to voice your questions - you'll be able to write them down on a note card and pass them in, so no one will know what you asked. 

Let your guard down and get ready to get real.