Abby – Seattle, WA

If you ever took the time to imagine a widowed event (ok, something you may not do all that often), you might picture a bunch of gray-haired people clutching tissues and smelling salts, weeping incessantly. You probably would not picture a whole bunch of crazy campers at a pops-in-the-park concert getting shushed and then ignoring the shushes by jumping up in seats, screaming, dancing and waving their arms wildly to the music. We were inspired on Saturday morning to "imagine the unimaginable," teaching us that unimaginable is not the same as impossible. A good lesson to remember, as it is something we have all lived -- the unimaginable. Unimaginable was the strength, bravery, heroism and everything in between that pervaded the spirit of the day. Such aliveness you never did see.