04:45pm - 06:00pm Conflicted: Handling Conflict on Your Own


Carrie West

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Conflict with friends and family members (and the family members of our late partners) is inevitable and even more likely to occur in times of stress and transition.  Widowed life often creates some unique challenges that are amplified by the fact that our spouse or partner is not by our sides to agree with us or to support us in our needs.



When we think of conflict we tend to remember the bad associations and use metaphors like “fighting fair” “hammering it out” “winning at all costs” or even “survival of the fittest”. The truth is that conflict doesn’t have to be bad. While there is a dark side to conflict there is also a bright side. Conflict is often the only way you get to have your needs heard and to find the common ground between opposing forces.



In this workshop we’ll talk about different ways to approach conflict based on your goals, your priorities, and your relationship; we’ll learn how to “hear” and “be heard” during a discussion; we’ll discuss conflict style, and some practical and proven strategies for having productive conflict. We want you to leave the workshop confident about your ability to handle any conflict that you face going forward.