04:15pm - 05:30pm My Husband is NOT a Rainbow

Kelley Lynn

Kelley Lynn

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With grief, they say "the only way out is through", and for me, the only way through is with humor.

Stand-up comedian and writer Kelley Lynn will take you on a ridiculous ride through grief and loss, using the best coping mechanism she knows - laughter. With her energetic persona and witty sarcasm, Lynn's presentation will feature a stand-up comedy style with material that is tailor-made for this audience.

Kelley covers topics ranging from discussing the outside world’s reaction to a place called “Camp Widow”, a phone call with AT&T in which they demanded to speak to her dead husband, to the sad and tragic life of being a “football widow.” Also included will be a performance of rewritten widowed versions of your favorite Holiday classic carols, the most humiliating “Widow Brain” story you’ve ever heard, and a commentary of the “best” well-meaning but idiotic comments from the non-widowed world; including the one that inspired the title for her upcoming book: "My Husband Is Not a Rainbow." Plus, a few fun surprises and cameo appearances with a little help from her widowed friends. With her brutally honest delivery and warm, real persona, Kelley Lynn will leave you feeling both inspired and hopeful. Sign up and laugh the grief away.