10:15am - 11:30am Moving from What's Happened to What's Next

Tom Ward

Tom Ward

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It’s now been twenty-one years since the unforeseen and abrupt passing of Janet, my wife and mother of our three children.  Janet was mortally wounded in our home by our sixteen year old daughter who was arrested at the scene.

This 'dual loss' propelled me into a state of shock and confusion.  While time in and of itself has had an ameliorative effect, I was only able to emerge through my sometimes confused but always diligent pursuit of clinical, medical, and spiritual interventions. In sharing my journey I will focus on strategies for moving from a shattering loss to recovery and beyond.

My story continues day by day.  Five years ago our daughter, Maggie, was released from prison and began to reclaim her interrupted life. I am now in a position where I can freely and openly share from deep within.

I believe participants will benefit from my story and discover ways to assist them in their own recovery.