11:15am - 12:30pm From Sorrow to Rebirth and Everything in Between

Tanya Villanueva Tepper

Tanya Villanueva Tepper

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A Time-Lapse Journey of Grief Through the Years

During the early years of the grief journey it's almost impossible to imagine how a shattered life fraught with such intense feelings of sorrow can ever transform into the happily 'even' after one reads or hears about. In the Peabody award-winning documentary Rebirth, the audience is given the unique opportunity to actually see how five people coping with loss in the aftermath of September 11th make it to the other side. Join Tanya, "the weepy widow who finds love again", for an intimate screening of a 20-minute time-lapse of her journey through the first eight years of widowhood, where she attests that when it comes to the loss of your partner, what does not kill you, makes you:

  • want to die,
  • guilt-ridden,
  • paralyzed with the fear of forgetting,
  • feel like a fake when you're not crying your eyes out,
  • curse like a $&@!ing truck driver,
  • bitter, and envious...and wracked with self-pity,
  • ache for intimacy, while feeling like you’re betraying your lost loved one for just thinking about dating again,
  • search for reason to hope again,
  • take risks you might otherwise never have taken (cut and/or dye your hair, buy a motorcycle),
  • bring new meaning to your life,
  • realize how really strong (and resilient) you are.

Following the film clip will be a collaborative discussion about the nature of grief over time, and the ways in which our grief pain and joy coexist.